© 2010 BRM Service - P.IVA 03942640164 Currently the steam plant, are not equipped with economizers, not fully exploit all the energy provided to it wasting a part of the fuel used. To use this the B.S.A. has developed two devices able to recover the energy, not only of the exhaust gas (ECOFUMI) but also the water of condensation circuit (ECOCONDENSE), which releases it to water of food generator, reduces the energy requirement needed for the creation of steam, making it more sustainable from both the ecological point of view that the economic point of view the use of steam systems, necessary for many activities. The combination of ECOFUMI and ECOCONDENSE saves which is around 20% on fuel consumption.. L’ECOCONDENSE To enable our customers to reduce energy waste caused by an incomplete exploitation of condensate BSA has produced the ECOCONDENSE an apparatus, in which working pressure, is able to absorb the energy of the condensate water of transferring food of the generator, this component is easy to install and can be mounted also on already existing plants. Besides operating an active recovery of energy (can reduce fuel consumption even of 12%), also preserves the feed pump of the generator by any dysfunctions caused by the excessive temperature of the water and, causing them to work at temperatures around 60 ° C, extend its life.
L’ECOFUMI The ECOFUMI is a water-air exchanger with a large exchange surface created with the use of finned tubes, which guarantee a high exchange surface reducing the overall dimensions, in order to absorb the maximum all the energy present in the flue gases, is to depending on the dimensioning and of the type of chimney can be brought to condensation increasing the yield to values ​​above 100% and consequently reducing the losses and consumption of fuel. Economizers are individually sized according to the user's needs, guaranteeing the best solution for every need.