© 2010 BRM Service - P.IVA 03942640164 Steam Thermal Groups GTV powered by Premix   Technology.  The GTV Thermal Groups are perfect for who need to a steam boiler complete, easy installation, operation and maintenance, outdoor and positioned in thermal power stations. The series GTV is produced in a range of potential ranging from 15 to 260 kg / h, the configuration of the generator in union with  Premix technology allows to obtain global thermal efficiency exceeding 95%, with pollutant emissions below the strictest European standards. Engineered to guarantee always the functioning, every detail is designed to minimize the drawbacks, while always ensuring a high standard of safety. our generators are excluded from the licensed operator, from commissioning and periodic visits according to DM 329del December 1, 2004 The gas burner premixed represents the technological frontier able to meet the requirements of high modulation ratios and low pollutant emissions constituting, in fact, the ideal answer for condensing applications and industrial processes The perfect mixing, the speed control and the head with mesh, allow to obtain high modulation ratios (up to7: 1). The generators combined to the burners of the RX series, available for an operation stages progressive or modulating, in standard or sealed, are characterized by a high flexibility of configuration, depending on the application requirements; in particular electronic control unit constitutes an open system and versatile.