© 2010 BRM Service - P.IVA 03942640164 The diathermic oil boilers B.S.A. with gas, diesel, electric or dual fuel, meet the needs of modern industry. Using the thermal oil as a means of heat transfer, the users do not face the well-known problems related to pressure, to fouling, corrosion and frost. Diathermic oils work up to 350 ° C at atmospheric pressure and remain pumpable down to -20 ° C and above with special fluids, which makes them a suitable solution for many applications. Our generators, designed for operational efficiency and maximum safety, use of commercial burners, which guarantees a fast and timely service at minimum cost. The main features of our generators OD: - Small dimensions; - Reduced start-up; - Maximum safety; - Life cycle lasting; - High thermal efficiency; - Maximum reliability; - Ability to work with different fuels; Our diathermic oil generators work at temperatures up to 340 ° C with potential ranging from 200,000 kCal / h up to 2,000,000 kcal / h, and are constructed either in vertical or horizontal configuration depending on the needs of the user space .The diathermic oil can be used directly as the heating fluid in productions where it is necessary to reach very high temperatures, or it can be used for the production of steam, superheated water or hot air.